Why Saint Mary's

A graduate degree should be more than just a diploma—more than just credentials. 

At Saint Mary's, your educational experience combines top-level academics, a commitment to meeting society’s needs, and a focus on innovative thinking and practices. Through this elevated curriculum, you will learn how to better both yourself and your profession as you take this next step in your career. Whether you are delivering care to those in need or using data to make a difference in the world around you, a graduate degree from Saint Mary’s will hone your skills, deepen your knowledge, and prepare you to serve others.

If you’re a motivated learner who wants to take your education higher, then Saint Mary’s College should be your learning destination. Here, you can choose to enter into one of four programs: Master of Autism Studies, Master of Science in Data Science, Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, and Doctor of Nursing Practice. You'll learn from dedicated faculty committed to providing you the personal attention and holistic education you need to make a difference in your career.

Master of Autism Studies

In this program you will learn to respond to the critical needs for understanding and responding meaningfully to autism and people with autism.  We believe these needs are best achieved through an interdisciplinary education that strives to understand the lives of people with autism as well as the science of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the various forms of intervention that aspire to help people with autism and those who care for them. Learn more about the master of autism studies program.

Master of Science in Data Science

In this program, you will develop into a professional practitioner with deep analytical skills. You will understand the algorithms of data mining, processing, and visualization. You will gain the mathematical and computational depth needed to create the analytical tools others simply know how to use. You will know how to employ data ethically and responsibly. You will learn the occupational and leadership abilities necessary to make game-changing strides in your career and workplace. Learn more about the data science master’s program.

Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology

This program will shape you into a strong clinical practitioner who works tirelessly to improve the lives of others. You will be prepared for clinical supervision, to be a leader in your field, and to pursue your entrepreneurial ideas to better your practice. We will help ensure your success by giving you experiential learning opportunities to refine your skills and by training you to reach as many people as possible through technological advancements. Learn more about the speech language pathology master's program.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

In this program, we raise your understanding of the healthcare field so you can take it into a better future. We infuse your DNP nursing education with courses on social entrepreneurship, data analytics, and leadership in the advancement of best practices. Upon graduation, you will have the understanding you need to direct your workplace operations and the future of your profession. Learn more about the nursing practice doctoral degree.