Elevate - Graduate Programs at Saint Marys"

Program Highlights

  • Professional Science Master's program
  • Small class size
  • Accessible faculty
  • Primarily online
  • 2-3 courses per term
  • 1 visit to campus each year
  • Practicum provides real world data science experience
  • Elective courses enhance professional skills
  • No GRE required
  • Scholarships available

Application Deadline
March 31

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Data Science Practium Projects Enhance Students' Education

The Master of Science in Data Science combines mathematics and computer programming with other essential workplace skills like communication, project management, and entrepreneurship. The program concludes with a practicum project, which is an opportunity to directly experience the work of a data scientist or data analytics professional. It consists of project-based learning on a significant and contributory business objective in conjunction with practicing professionals in one of many appropriate industries. You can even complete the practicum by working on a project at your place of employment or by obtaining an internship in the area of data science.

Masa GumiroMasa Gumiro, a 2019 graduate of the data science program, used his practicum project to help solve transportation issues in third world countries. Due to economic challenges, many businesses in third world countries like Zimbabwe, where Gumiro is originally from, operate older vehicles that lack the latest diagnostic tools for monitoring overall vehicle health. Gumiro worked with Toyota Motor North America to provide a custom solution using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to monitor tire pressure and provide notifications in real time.

Where has his degree taken him?

Gumiro's project was a catapult for his professional development and career opportunities. After presenting innovative technologies at a workshop in Zimbabwe in March 2018, Gumiro has had requests for his services from organizations in Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Bahamas, and from an organization subcontracted by The World Bank. Gumiro is also working on forming a partnership with tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe to teach data science and cutting edge technology courses.

On November 8, Gumiro competed in the Five Minute Student Project Presentation at the National Professional Science Master's Association's annual conference in Washington D.C. The presentation provides students in Professional Science Master's programs with an opportunity to explain their capstone projects in a face-to-face presentation using non-technical language to an audience in a total of five minutes. Gumiro won first place and his success has helped him garner financial support for his future projects and initiatives.