Master of Science in Data Science

"Apart from MIT, there are few programs as mathematically rigorous as Saint Mary's."

- Daniel Conway, Director, Center for Business Analytics; Director, MBA in Analytics, Loras College

Take a deeper dive into data and generate valuable insights from the raw information. Open to both men and women, our primarily online program will provide you with the mathematical and computational depth needed to refine the tools others simply use. You'll develop a strong mathematical base - an enduring skill set in an ever-changing world - that will allow you to take on complex data challenges now and in the future, no matter what programming language you're using.  

According to Mike Durham, a Saint Mary's student and solution architect with the Teradata Corporation, the increased analytics skills have significantly elevated his ability to find and interpret meaningful data patterns - and he's only just finished year one of the program. "I'm able to dig beyond what a simple analyst can do, and not only tell them what happened, but why it happened, and why we came up with the answers we did."  

Hear more about the program from Durham, his classmates, and professors:


Becoming a Professional Practitioner

To you, data isn’t merely numbers. It has the potential to provide solutions that improve efficiency and effectiveness—even lives—through its application. In our Master of Science in Data Science program, you'll develop into a professional practitioner with deep analytical skills. You'll take courses in applied statistics with an application-focused approach to regression analysis and related techniques - knowledge companies prize in data scientists - as well as understand the algorithms of data mining, processing, and visualization. Engage in a real-world practicum that involves developing data analysis tools and applying them to a pressing need at an organization. Most important, you'll learn to manipulate data rather than performing simple surface analysis.

MSDS Entrepreneurship Grant

As a Master of Science in Data Science student, you will be eligible for up to a $10,000 seed grant with the condition that your business operates in the state of Indiana for at least two years.  The grant is awarded in concert with the completion of DSCI 612 "Entrepreneurship for Data Scientists," in which you'll transform innovative data-centered concepts into concrete products and services, while also learning the entrepreneurial skills necessary to bring your innovations to market.

The Depth Needed to Add Organizational Value  

Throughout your time in the program, our faculty and program staff will help direct and guide you on your way to advancing your professional career.  Online education doesn't have to mean "detached"; at Saint Mary's, faculty are dedicated to providing you with the same one-on-one attention that is a hallmark of our undergraduate education. We will encourage and inspire you to do more with your passions and talents—to improve lives from the organizational level and see opportunities for change that others may overlook.

Data is everywhere. The insightful interpretation of it isn’t. You have the ability to take on that challenge. You can be the change your industry needs.