Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work

You want to make a difference. You’re the kind of person who lives to help. Here, you will understand the human experience at the intersection of diversity, human rights, culture, and ethics. At Saint Mary’s College, we firmly believe in an approach to social work that aligns with four core values: learning, community, faith/spirituality, and justice. You will be pushed to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to your professional practice as you strive for social and economic justice in society. 

Learn to Make a Difference

As a student in our MSW program, open to both men and women, you will work toward creating a culture of human dignity, inclusivity, solidarity, and sustainability while preparing for a professional career. You will receive a generalist education as well as a chance to choose a speciality in Clinical/Mental Health or Health with an option in Aging during your second year. Your education here will provide you with research opportunities regarding inclusivity, diversity, and equity, all while providing you with the full course and fieldwork necessary to obtain an MSW. 

Engage in the Field 

Your education in Social Work doesn’t stop in the classroom; while at Saint Mary’s, your faculty will help match you with a field placement in your community. In fact, you’ll be working in the field every semester alongside your online coursework. As you narrow your focus down to a concentration in your second year, your field placement will change to ensure you are getting the most relevant and specific experience possible as you work toward graduation and your eventual career as a Social Worker. 

Be Part of a Team

At Saint Mary’s, you will work alongside graduate students in Nursing, Speech Language Pathology, and Autism Studies; in short, alongside other graduate students who want to make a difference. Inter-professionalism will be a part of your career after you leave Saint Mary’s and it will be part of your experience as a Saint Mary’s student. In our Social Work program, you will benefit from the wealth of inter-professional knowledge all of our faculty and students across different disciplines bring to the table.