Tuition and Fees

Students will pay $861 per credit hour rate for each course (a total of 36 credits in the program) and an annual graduate student fee of $475 (divided equally between the fall and spring terms).  Additionally, students are responsible for any fees attached to individual courses taken.  Students will not be able to take less than the prescribed number of credits per semester without extending the length of the program.  Students completing the program full-time will finish in one year (15 months, summer, fall, spring and summer terms). Students completing the program part-time will typically take two years (including two to three summer terms) to complete.

The tuition per credit hour will remain the same rate throughout the entire program as long as the student is continuously enrolled. If a student takes a leave of absence, when the student returns the tuition per credit hour charged will be at the rate of the entering class for that year.