Noris Larkin

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Student

Noris Larkin

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


DNP, Saint Mary's College (expected)
BSN, University of Phoenix

Why did you pursue this degree? 
I decided to pursue this degree because I am interested in population health and health disparities among vulnerable populations.

What has been the most rewarding part of the program? 
The support I receive from instructors and classmates.

What has been the most valuable part of your experience in the graduate program?
Learning from my cohort group who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Please describe your experience with the faculty.
The faculty are supportive, responsive, and helpful.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
Ask questions and get help early if you need it!

What is your favorite class and why?
The communication course has been my favorite because it included journaling which allowed me to stop and reflect on past, present, and future knowledge.

How has the program prepared you for your career?
The program has defined and made clear the role of a nurse practitioner and the responsibility that comes with this body of work.