Antoinette Sajewski

Master of Science in Data Science, Alumna

Tia Sajewski

Hometown: Dearborn, MI


MS, Saint Mary's College
MA, Xavier University
BS, University of Michigan - Dearborn

What has been the most valuable part of your experience in the graduate program?
I have taken other online classes. In fact, my first graduate program was an online program. Saint Mary’s was different in terms of how we came together for orientation and matriculation. You build community and relationships. The professors made sure to touch on all of the different modalities of learning with videos, reading material, lectures, and discussions. It brought us together and we remained engaged.

Please describe your experience with the faculty.
I have never had such a supportive relationship with professors. They seem invested in my success. Professor W (Wedrychowicz), who I had in a previous semester, reached out to me over the summer just to get me ready for the next spring class with him and I thought “wow, who would do that.”

Describe a typical week.
The online format works well because of time constraints for the working student. I appreciate entering the discussions at the time that works with my schedule; the option to replay a lecture is ideal. In addition, watching lectures in my PJs is nice, after a long day at work.

How has the program prepared you for your career?
By using cutting-edge technologies in the program, I am very well prepared for my career. There were things that I could bring to my team at work that they hadn’t heard about yet. So, it was a nice symbiotic relationship. They were mentoring me, but I was also able to share some new things. I am using everything that I have learned from all of the classes and I have to say that it was really challenging for me coming into the science fields after a big gap, but now I am working and using everything I learned and that is really exciting.