Graduate Student Association

GSA Mission Statement 

The Graduate Student Association was formed to provide a voice for the graduate student population here on Saint Mary’s College campus. With a growing number of graduate programs offered, we wish to provide representation for all incoming and current students. This organization seeks to serve as a connection between students and faculty so students can succeed academically, but also thrive socially through engagement activities and interactions with students and staff.


You can reach out to your GSA reps at *Meeting calendar coming soon!*


GSA rep Megan Wilcoxon


Current Program: Dual Degree

Hometown: Emmett, Michigan

Undergraduate Institution: Grand Valley State University

Favorite Thing About Saint Mary's College: Being surrounded by so many others who share my Catholic faith both inside and outside of the classroom. Working with the Sisters at the Convent has been another unique experience I would not have anywhere else. 

Favorite Thing About South Bend: I love Howard Park and walking by the river. I also love how everyone comes together for a Notre Dame football game. 



GSA rep Elizabeth Medina


Current Program: Data Science 4+1

Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Undergraduate Institution: Saint Mary's College

Favorite Thing About Saint Mary's College: How much the professors care about my education. I feel like I have so much support whether it is inside or outside the classroom!

Favorite Thing About South Bend: The community. South Bend is a place where there are so many different kinds of people that everyone can find their group, along with all the places to visit, explore, or volunteer at! 



GSA rep Emma Ault


Current Program:  Master's of Speech Language Pathology

Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana

Undergraduate Institution: Saint Mary's College

Favorite Thing About Saint Mary's College: SMC: The community that you create with all your friends and classmates

Favorite Thing About South Bend: Zen Cafe