Optional Video Interview FAQ's

How many questions are in this interview?
Your interview has 4 questions. Questions will vary from applicant to applicant, but will address the same skills and competencies.

What kinds of questions will you ask?
The questions are designed to give us more insight into your goals, motivations, experiences, skills, problem solving abilities, and resilience. If you have interviewed for an internship or job, you will likely have had similar questions.

How many times can I practice?
You may complete the practice question as many times as you would like.

Are practices saved?
No. Practices are recorded so you can replay them and see how you did, but they are never saved or sent to the Admissions Committee.

How much time will I have to think of a response?
Depending on the question, you will have 30-45 seconds to think of your response to the question.

How much time will I have to answer the question?
Depending on the question, you will have 60-90 seconds to answer the question.

If I’m not satisfied with my answer, can I re-record my response?
Once you begin the actual interview, you will only have one opportunity to record an answer to each question. This allows us to see your candid responses.

Where should I complete my interview?
Try to find a quite location with no distractions and a strong/stable internet connection. Remember the Admissions Committee can see you and whatever is in the background of your camera’s view. Try to find a space without clutter or a lot going on in the background.

Is there a dress code?
There is no dress code, but you will want to look presentable on camera. Consider wearing what you would wear to meet with a professor or mentor.

How do I schedule a video interview?
If you have submitted your application, you will receive an email with instructions to complete your interview. If you would like to complete your interview prior to submitting your application, you may do so by clicking the interview link on your program's application instructions page.

Can I interview multiple times?
Applicants are not allowed to interview more than once per program per application cycle.

Can I schedule an on-campus interview instead?
While we welcome applicants to visit campus and tour the Clinic, interviews as part of the application cycle are only completed online.

I’m planning to apply in a few years.  Should I complete an interview now?
You should only complete an interview in the application cycle in which you are applying.