Accelerated Programs

At Saint Mary’s College we know you want to use your education to make a difference in your community and profession as quickly as possible. To help you obtain your graduate education we offer a variety of ways for you to complete your program faster and at a lower cost.  

Accelerated Programs Offered

4+1 Master of Autism Studies
4+1 Master of Science in Data Science
4+1 Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology 
Advanced Standing – Doctor of Nursing Practice
Dual Master's: Autism Studies and SLP

Save Time

Typically, earning a bachelor’s degree takes four years, a master's degree takes two years, and a doctoral degree takes four or more years. But through our accelerated programs, you can earn your master's degree with just one extra year of classes and with advanced standing, your DNP in as little as two and a half years. You can also complete two master’s degrees in just three years. Earning your degrees faster allows you to begin your career a year or more earlier than your peers.

Save Money

By choosing an accelerated program, you'll save upwards of a full year of tuition. Plus in our 4+1 programs, you'll pay undergraduate tuition rates for your graduate classes during your fourth (senior) year. In all of our accelerated programs, you will complete your program faster. And by finishing faster, you can begin your career a year earlier allowing you to start saving for your future.

An Easier Application Process

Transition from one degree to the next, with the quality education you've come to expect from Saint Mary’s. There’s no need to apply to multiple graduate programs and have dozens of letters of recommendation sent on your behalf; we’ve streamlined the application process.

Jumpstart Your Career

Take your earning potential and resume to the next level. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, individuals with a master's degree earn about $12,000 more annually than those with a bachelor's degree. In some professions, the salary increase can be more than an additional $20,000 per year. Additional education also creates more job opportunities.


Not ready for an accelerated degree? Check out the options for our masters and doctoral degrees.