Doctor of Nursing Practice Students Present Projects

The 2020 cohort of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students presented their practice innovation projects to professors, colleagues, and other DNP students. The practice innovation project is the culmination of six semesters of capstone work. Students select a project they have either seen in the workplace or that resonates with them professionally or personally. With mentorship provided by a faculty member, students explore their topic and affected clients through scholarly research and evidence-based analysis. Students then write a publishable manuscript of their project findings, including identifiable challenges and environments that influence change, and engage in an oral defense to disseminate their findings.

Currently enrolled in the fourth semester of the six-semester course, the 2020 cohort presented posters of their projects to demonstrate their progress and how their education is preparing them to be nurse practitioners who will be change leaders upon graduation.
Madeline Finn presenting DNP project 

 Madeline Finn presents Impact on Volunteerism on Quality of Life for Older Adults


Laura Grant presenting DNP project

 Laura Grant presents Impact of Counseling for Parents of Children with Cancer - Hispanic Populations


Madhuwattie Parsam presents DNP project

 Madhuwattie Parsam presents Hypertension Education in the African  American Male Population


Erin Pillette presents DNP project

 Erin Pillette presents Diabetes Education in the Hispanic Population


Jessica Rizzo presents DNP project

 Jessica Rizzo presents Female Athlete Triad and Nutrition Education


Carly Thompson presents DNP project

 Carly Thompson presents Nutritional Education for End Stage Renal  Disease Patients


Kayla Wilkerson presents DNP project

 Kayla Wilkerson presents Developing a Documentation System for a  Rural Health Clinic in Uganda