MSN Entry to Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Do you have a higher calling?

The Saint Mary’s direct-entry MSN program lets you transition into a career in nursing with our two-year MSN Entry to Nursing program beginning in Fall 2022. This graduate program allows students with a prior baccalaureate degree in a discipline other than nursing to progress through coursework in two years. Saint Mary’s is the first in the state of Indiana to offer a program leading to initial RN licensure, without having to return to undergraduate coursework.

The nursing profession is at a critical point in history. Technology and evidence-based practice continue to evolve at increasing speeds and hospitals not only need nurses, they need leaders. Enrolling in Saint Mary’s MSN Entry to Nursing program means you will start your nursing career with a master’s-level education, putting yourself on the path to working in patient-centered care at an advanced level. 

In 2022, Nursing Schools Almanac named the Saint Mary’s nursing program in the top four nursing schools in Indiana and top 20 in the Midwest region.



Saint Mary’s graduate students will gain the knowledge and skills to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam and earn those five letters after your name: MSN, RN. The U.S. Department of Labor Average annual salary for registered nurses, not including bonus pay such as overtime, increased about 4% this year to $81,376. That is up from the 3.3% increase in average annual nurse wages in all of 2020 and 2.6% growth the year before the pandemic. Nurses are the driving force of healthcare in the community and global settings.

The importance of advanced practice nurses as technology, science, and the environment changes at a rapid rate constantly cannot be over-emphasized.

Saint Mary’s student nurses complete clinical hours in two local hospitals — Memorial Hospital and Saint Joseph Hospital — as well as many sites in the South Bend community including the Center for the Homeless, Hope Ministries, local schools, and more. As a science and a profession, nursing needs to continue to grow the number of graduate-prepared individuals to serve as practitioners, teachers, mentors, role models, and researchers to continue to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Saint Mary’s has a long history of excellence within our community. We are excited about the potential to continue providing career paths that enrich the lives of those in our community by creating more quality nursing education at the Master’s level.