Practical workshops devoted to intervention techniques

The Master of Autism Studies program sponsors intensive workshops that bring expert scholars and clinicians to campus to delve more deeply into the most promising autism interventions. These workshops provide students and interested community members with opportunities to deepen their understanding of individual, state-of-the-art approaches to autism intervention while working with leading experts in the field; in some cases, workshops may also provide participants with opportunities to practice these techniques and/or to become certified in a particular approach or model of treatment. Additionally, workshops provide opportunities for MAS graduate students to enhance classroom learning.

Open to the Community

Interested students and community members are welcome to attend Master of Autism Studies sponsored workshops, lectures, and colloquia, as well as to interact with MAS graduate students and faculty and even take graduate courses.

Upcoming Workshops

Play Project Two-Day Intensive Workshop

Richard Solomon, MD, will present an overview of his autism early intervention program The PLAY Project TM. This professional development opportunity will provide you with an outline of The PLAY Project methods and principles along with case studies to gain immediate skills in helping children with autism. The workshop consists of case studies, video analysis of parent and child interaction, and group activities that develop your skills in play-based, developmental and behavioral techniques for engaging children with autism and other developmental delays. Our intensive workshop will be of interest to parents of children with autism, providers who serve these children, and administrators and policy makers involved with autism services. This workshop can serve as a first step in pursuing the Certified PLAY Project and Teaching PLAY Consultant credential.

This workshop is limited to 100 participants.

WHEN: December 7–8, 2018, 9:30am–4:30pm each day
WHERE: Rice Commons, Student Center, Saint Mary's College
COST: $50

Past Workshops

Introduction to Pivotal Response Treatment®

Earn Level 1 Certification in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®

Bob and Lynn Koegel presented an overview of Pivotal Response Treatment®, a naturalistic behavioral intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder that targets pivotal areas of development, including motivation, responsivity to multiple cues, initiations, and self-management. The presentation reviewed research-supported motivational strategies that have been shown to significantly increase child engagement in learning opportunities, thus increasing the speed of new skill acquisition and decreasing disruptive behavior. Individuals who completed this workshop earned Level 1 Certification in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®.

PEERS® for Adolescents Certified Training Seminar: Parents-Assisted Social Skills Training Program

Upon completion of this training, qualified participants became “PEERS® Certified Providers” for the PEERS® for Adolescents program.

The PEERS® for Adolescents Certified Training Seminar is designed to instruct mental health professionals, medical professionals, and/or educators on the administration and implementation of the parent-assisted PEERS® for Adolescents intervention in a clinical-type setting. This certified training provides a model for an evidence-based social skills treatment for teens in middle school and high school (age 11-18) with ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and other social difficulties, particularly with respect to friendships.