Tuition & Fees

The DNP program, a cohort program, accepts students into a group which all start at the same time and move through the program together.  Program fees are integrated into the price of tuition for cohort programs. Tuition does not change as long as the student remains part of the cohort. When a student returns from a leave of absence, the student pays the tuition charged to the new cohort the student is joining. The tuition for the program is divided across each semester regardless of how many credits are taken by the student. 

Cohort Entering Fall 2019

Average Tuition per Semester $5,765*

*Figures based on completing the degree in twelve (12) semesters including summers.

Additional Expenses 2019-2020 Aid Year (Fall, Spring, Summer):

Books and Supplies $1,300
Personal Expenses $1,200
Computer $1,500
Federal Loan Fee $218
On Campus Immersion Lodging (travel variable) $750
Miscellaneous* $233

by appeal

*Miscellaneous expenses are an estimate for costs associated with background checks and immunizations which may be required for clinical work.